How to get started today

  1. Go to the global website markets and register Rcoin's symbol is (RCN). So please choose a login name with (RCN) first. For example:

    1. RcnSuper
    2. RcnMillioner
    3. RcnBillions
    4. RcnGetRich
    5. RcnSaleLeaders
    6. RcnCashCaw
    7. RcnPartners
    8. RcnNewYork
    9. RcnMoney
    10. RcnMakeMoney
    11. Rcn
    12. RcnGlobal

    When you finished your registration send a Message (pm) a message to ( rcnsuper )

    Hi Robert, i registered on Yobit

  2. Buy Bitcoin where ever you learn is best for you. Suggestions order a bitcoin ewallet and download the ewallet. Then order a bitcoin Visa Debit card

  3. Buy bitcoin and send bitcoin to your bitcoin e-wallet.

How? to send bitcoins to

1st)    go to bitcoin login page

2nd)    2nd go to the top menu and click on the wallets word.

3rd)    Click on btc wallets and then click on deposit and a pop up window will come up... Click on add a new address... Then copy your new address and paste it into your other bitcoin ewallet

4th)    It can take several hours for your bitcoin to reach your bitcoin account on bitcoin transfer need several computerised conformations before the bitcoin currency is transfered...Next contact rcn super or robert with a pm message that you have bitcoin on your account and your ready for more instructions.