Our current growing Management Team includes several seasoned Professionals.
Our Founder is Honorary Professor of Business, Doctor of Economics and Academic Professor Robert

Born in the USA and now he leaves in Eastern Europe. Robert started with door to door sales collecting newspapers and shoveling snow for money at the age of 8yrs... Then he started sales of candy during elementary school and he started a leather craft business with $500 at age 13 to 15 years old while he was in Jr. High School. Always a sales person and entrepreneur...

Later he joined mlm with his father at age 16 and started attending weekly mlm sales meetings. He invited people every week. His best night was 13 new quests! Then he started Radio sales business to business at age 18 and broke all sales records.

Making big money for a kid selling radio advertising and reading over 50 millionaire and billionaire success books. At age 19 years old Robert started his own mlm company. At 20 yrs old he and his company were making 50,000 monthly... 21yrs - 100,000 monthly and reinvesting in the company's new products, sales, marketing and advertising. While Robert was traveling three to five cities per week conducting hundreds of meetings and sales trainings as the NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR FOR THE COMPANY...THIS WAS WORLD CLASS EXPERIENCE FOR THE YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR! At age 22yrs, Robert became a millionaire... Later the oil crash of 1986 to 1990 killed Robert's sales and company.

Robert joined a small nutrition company and built sales to millions of dollars and setting up the new account of the global Retail Nutrition giant GNC. Then he introduced key products to many other national chains. Many years later the company was sold for over 200 million dollars.

Robert built three national sales groups during ten years and was a National Sales Director for ten years traveling to three to five cities weekly and he conducted over 2,000 trainings during these traveling years. Robert was sleeping on airplanes several times per week. In 2002 Robert started a Millionaire Sales Training and Real Estate training company that grew to over 50 million dollars in stock value during 2.5 years.

Robert became popular with big leaders in the USA with his big fly-ins program with big leaders and his National Training System and yacht cruises on his yachts and partner yachts in Newport beach, California and Miami, Florida. Robert retired from USA business in 2005 as a multi-millionaire with stocks and left America to travel the World. Robert traveled to several countries and ended up traveling to Kiev, Ukraine. On his 2nd trip to Ukraine he met some mlm sales leaders that wanted to learn the highest levels of skills of American millionaire mlm sales leaders. After months of negotiations Robert started a small training company for the Russian speaking people. Over 400 people attended Robert's first four days of trainings, including mlm sales leaders from 10 other cities who had tens of thousands of people in their groups... At this time during 2006 to 2009 no one in Ukraine or Russia has seen an mlm millionaire sales trainer speak to big groups in over 100 cities. Robert's new training company grew to the 1st month's sales of 10,000... 2nd month 30,000... 3rd month 100,000 and 4th month 200,000! Robert then invested in a call center that received 5,000 calls per day, an advertising office, Tv-Video studios and weekly Tv training national tv shows.

Next Robert's sales grew to 500,000. Then 1 million... Then opening sales training in Russia and sales grew to 2 million... 4 million... 8 million up to 20 million! Robert invested money into 10 weekly newspapers, a 9 floor hotel, a 15 acre resort that sleeps 350 people, 20 limos, 10 restaurants and pizza restaurants, etc. These companies grew to over 100 million in two years! Robert had 15 lawyers, 30 accountants, 300 managers and 3,000 sales leaders working night and day in ten countries with 37 offices... In 2015 Robert who is not a tech guy, or computer guy first heard about Bitcoin from a millionaire friend in Kiev, Ukraine. Bitcoin and crypto currency has become popular to over one million people in Ukraine.

Robert Studied a lot of information on google about Bitcoin, crypto currencies and other mlm pyramids like One coin that has collect 3 million people and 11 billion in sales during the past three years of 2014 to 2017. Then Robert started a training company for Ukraine and russian mlm people to learn about Bitcoin and crypto currencies. Robert currently does Bitcoin and crypto currencies trainings three times per week.

During 10 months Robert's team built all the global systems for their first coin called Rcoin, a penny coin currently on one market called www.yobit.net trade symbol btc/rcn. During the next six months Robert's team built a 2nd coin callled the Rcoin USA coin, a dollar coin ready to go on the global market in February and March 2018 at 2.10. Look at our block chain at the website www.explorer.rcoinusa.com:3001. Robert the Honorary Professor of Business and Doctor of Economics is now sitting on over 107 billion Rcoin USA coins. 9.2 billion are pre-mined.

Most of the coins are in long term cloud cold storage and will never go on the global market. 9.2 billions coins times 2.10 per coin equals a potential of 18 billion dollars in market cap trade volume. Ethereum coin grew from $1 to $10 in one year and then grew from $10 to over $1,000 in 2017. Rcoin USA coins and company and International sales team hopes to help the coin Rcoin USA reach 3 to 10! Now our Founder and Global Sales Trainer Honorary Professor Mr. Robert is offering million dollar contracts during five years for top mlm leaders to join our new American Training company called Rcoin USA Training,Inc.

Cheers, and success to all in God's name. Sincerely Robert, crytpo currency millionaire and future possible crypto currency billionaire :)